Ego States

The child ego drives our decision, not the rational adult.  We have 3 ego states we live our lives out of:

  • Child – Where all of our feelings are.
  • Parent – Critical or nurturing – Most of us are judgmental of self and others.  Therapy helps us learn how to be more nurturing to ourselves.  The nurturing parent we needed as a child.
  • Adult – The logical – The Brain – Rational Thinker

Our ego states get out of balance.  Therapy helps to balance that, but only if you’re willing to take risks, to learn to trust yourself, and walk into the wilderness and go to places you haven’t gone to before.  That’s scary, but this time you’re not alone, and you will have help and support…guidance which often times you didn’t have before.  This time you will have this in a healthy way as a child, and slowly bring color and balance back into your life of grayness.

Often we are parented out of right and wrong, or good and bad, not what was healthy or unhealthy.  Family of Origin is multi-generational, 7 generations behind us.  We have an opportunity to break the cycle for ourselves, our children, and others.  It’s never too late to live our life in the direction we want to go, not what others told us we should or shouldn’t do.  It’s now our choice.

Empowering self through healthy change is both scary and invigorating at the same time.  There is a healthy power and unhealthy power.  As adults we need to be accountable for how our life goes, and we need to understand where our struggles come from, not blame.  There are tools and techniques on how to process old feelings that are stuffed and denied, and how to be accountable and not blame.  There is a safe place where clients are able to share openly and honestly today, to learn ways to do healthy self-care in all areas of our lives.

We were scripted by our parents.  They were the writers and producers of our life, but now we get to re-write our story.



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