Healing Process

Some important healing process I’ve learned through my continued training, helping my clients and my own self reflection, is learning how important it is to become aware of our own unconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviors.. that no longer serve us.

Our unconscious thoughts can drive most of our decisions with others and self. Our feelings (emotional triggers) based on reactions to others and self, are one of our greatest teachers…
Often we are out of touch with our feelings. We do not want to feel our pain, so we shut down the opportunity to learn about ourselves.

Then we have behaviors that hurt self and others… avoiding… exploring
We often go into blame of others, which keeps us from learning and growing. It is a challenge to be accountable for how we walk our own path.

We do have a choice.
We do not need to be a victim of our past.

Question… What are my Emotional, Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual needs.
Healing/Change/Growth helps us be more aware of self and gives us tools for change.

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