• Healing Process

    Some important healing process I’ve learned through my continued training, helping my clients and my own self reflection, is learning how important it is to become aware of our own unconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviors.. that no longer serve us. Our unconscious thoughts can drive most of our decisions with others and self. Our feelings Continue Reading

  • Living with Feelings

    How you are seen by others turns into how you see yourself – Eckhart Tolly “Living With Feelings” by Lucia Capacchione, Phd Emotions are energy… They are part of the human condition and part of our physical self Emotions are important for our physical survival. Storing feelings does not work. The energy of emotions does Continue Reading

  • Saying No

    Saying No – by Judith Sills, PHD No… says this is who I am This is what I value This is what I will do or not do This is how I will choose to act We love others Give to others Cooperate with others Please others We need “No” to carve and support our Continue Reading

  • How We Treat Ourselves

    “The way we were treated as small children is the way we treat ourselves the rest of our life” From the book “For Your Own Good” by Alice Miller This is so true. I couldn’t say this any better. We are not consciously choosing to treat ourselves the way we do… we could be loving Continue Reading