Saying No

Saying No - by Judith Sills, PHD

No… says this is who I am

This is what I value

This is what I will do or not do

This is how I will choose to act

We love others

Give to others

Cooperate with others

Please others

We need “No” to carve and support our space


My thoughts……

In my therapy experience

the word “NO’..seem to have a negative context…Why are we afraid to say “NO”

that is our reflective question. Or do I use “no” as a way of control…many questions…We can use any word in a positive direction or negative…

We need to learn to trust our self and speak our truth…which takes exploring of self and willing

To be accountable and responsible for the direction our lives go

Your reflective question is…

Do I not say NO…because I am afraid to stand up for my self…Or…do I say no because it is a way to stay disconnected?

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