“I’ve seen other counselors in my past and was really surprised at how different Bobbi’s therapy style and technique’s are.  I’ve learned how to connect with my feelings (internal child self) while still being in my adult.  Discovering my balance has been very helpful. I’ve learned about separation.  My balance between who I am as an individual and still feeling connected with my parents with love and support.  I am learning to let go of my struggles from my childhood with Bobbi’s guidance, coaching and support.  I’m learning how to love, honor and respect myself. I’ve learned about healthy relationships with myself and others.  I’ve peeled away layers of “the onion” as Bobbi would say.  I appreciate my journey…dancing with life, rather than wrestling.  I appreciate all Bobbi has taught me.  She is a skilled professional.  She models life skills and tools.  She is an amazing teacher who always knows just what I, and others, need in the moment in our group process.  She challenges me at the right level and allows me to grow and flourish. I’ve recommended Bobbi to many of my friends, both male and female, and they, too, have benefited from her skills.  It’s great to have a qualified counselor who you can trust, and will be empowered and feel more confident to face life’s challenges.” ~ Jacqueline, Washington

“I joined Bobbi’s groups to help me through my grieving process after my fathers death.  Not only did I receive the support and love I needed at the time, but in addition, I gathered important tools I use on a daily basis.” ~ Gail, Washington

“Bobbi has been my counselor for many years and kindly accommodates my erratic career schedule even when I’ve traveled and/or lived in another state and/or in another country. She truly cares and invests the time because she believes in me and in my healing. When I first researched and interviewed counselors and shared what I was looking for, they all recommended Bobbi.  When I met her in person, I knew in my gut she was the right counselor for me.  I felt safe and knew I could be vulnerable enough to heal and to grow. I am very grateful to Bobbi for all of her help, wisdom, and guidance. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.  Bobbi helped me to peel away all the painful wounds and trauma that kept me stuck so that I could truly love and trust myself. She is a gifted healer and I HealingHearts Logotrust her implicitly. I know she always has my best interest in mind, even when she’s encouraging me to address an issue that I’m resisting because it’s painful or I feel scared. She is the wisest person that I know and a true blessing in my life. Bobbi has this incredible gift of sharing her wisdom in the most loving, compassionate, caring, nurturing way while simultaneously being very direct, clear, and keeping me accountable. I may not always like it AND I know it’s what I need to heal. She is the absolute best and even though I haven’t lived in the state in several years, I still retain Bobbi as my counselor.  I believe that my emotional and mental well being deserve the same attention as my physical health and I’ve made it a priority in my life.  I consider it preventive maintenance. Bobbi knows and understands me. She has witnessed and wholeheartedly supported me during my journey. Because of Bobbi and her method of counseling, I get to be who I really am – a loving, deserving, happy, healthy, beautiful soul who knows and believes I am truly loved, valued and worthy. “ ~ M.S., Texas

“I am so glad to be gaining understanding, knowledge, tools, and wisdom.  The tools I have gained have helped me become who I am.  I am no longer running away from my feelings.  I am learning  how to not run away from myself and others.  I have always felt that I don’t belong, but now I know I do belong, that I do matter.  I appreciate Bobbi’s honesty and gentleness.  I now have hope…when I use to have none.  I am learning to care for myself better than ever.”~ Dennis, Washington

“I started seeing Bobbi in March of 2007.  Before this time, I struggled with several issues I had worked on in a 12-step program for many years.  I only got so far and I knew I needed something more.  I had/have many mistaken beliefs that I was unable to change without this type of therapy.  I acted out my adult life out of these mistaken beliefs, but was unaware of this at the time.  Since I started seeing Bobbi, and more importantly started group therapy shortly after, my life has changed dramatically.  I am learning to nurture myself into “growing up again” in a healthy way and changing these mistaken beliefs about myself.  In turn, I am acting out my life with intention and do not feel victim to my old programming.  I will not say that I do not have more work to do, but what an amazing process this has been.  The growth and change in my life is indescribable.  I am so incredibly grateful I was introduced to Bobbi and began this journey!” ~ Brandi, Washington

“Being in this therapy has taught me so much about who I was and who I am.  I have learned how to set goals, and not only succeed, but give myself some credit about those accomplishments.  I used to be really dramatic and cry at the drop of a hat.  Today, I am clearer and do not take things so personal.  This therapy has helped me to be where I am today, which is a much happier place.  Not only am I grateful that I’m here, but I’m glad I get to make the choice to come.” ~ C.B., Washington

 “I have to say this therapy is the most struggling, yet rewarding process of my life, so far.  I would recommend this group therapy for anybody.  It changed my life! for the better!” ~ Jessie, Washington

“I’ve gained a tremendous understanding of myself and my behaviors, both individually and in group therapy sessions, by working with Bobbi.  The tools I’ve gained have proven to be invaluable in both my personal and professional life.  For the first time, I’m starting to concentrate on my needs and what is best for me to be a healthy individual.” ~ C.D., Washington


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