Work Pieces

Work pieces are tools and processes offered you which will enable you to experience your feelings (mads, sads, glads, scares) both from past and present events in your life.  Often, we as children are not allowed to experience or express feelings.  Therefore, our feelings are frozen until someone in our adult life says or does something that triggers past issues, then we react out of the old unexpressed feelings and mistaken beliefs.

Work pieces can help us let go and release stored up feelings, then we are less likely to react to others.  Also, as children, we are often given messages that we internalize about self.  Like “I’m stupid,” “I’m bad,” or “I don’t have a right to ask for what I need,” etc.  Work pieces can help change our internal, negative self-judgmental statements into positive affirmations.  When we release the old feelings and are then given positive statements, there is a place for the positive message to enter and be heard at a deeper level.



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